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Understanding Your Home’s Plumbing System

By 15 February 2023Winnipeg plumbers

Understanding Your Home’s Plumbing System

Most homeowners know that their plumbing system is essential to running their household, but they have very little idea about how this complex system works. If you fall into this category, we’ll help educate you about how plumbing works. Knowledge will help you keep your system in top condition so that it will last for decades. What should you really know about your home’s plumbing system?

Here’s the breakdown you’ve been searching for—an overview of how your water and waste system works:

Water Supply System

One part of your plumbing is the water supply system which brings clean water into your home from either city water or directly from a well on your property. From the source of the freshwater, it will then be pumped and delivered to all the places you need it: Sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines, etc.

The water supply system consists of pipes and their fittings, often made from plastic, copper, or galvanized iron, depending on the age of the home.

If you’re on city water, your water supply comes from the main that runs down the street in front of your home. Issues with the main water supply should always be addressed by experts as damaging it could result in heavy fines or lawsuits.

You also need a way for your home to eliminate used water and waste, which brings us to the next important component of your home plumbing: Drain-waste-vent systems:

Drain-Waste-Vent System

In a completely separate system, dirty water and waste products are filtered by the few simple components that comprise the DWV system. Drain pipes are the first line for eliminating waste from a home. These pipes are angled downward to allow gravity to do its work in removing waste and pushing it into the sewer lines.

Of course, this process couldn’t function without drain pipes that prevent backflow. Drain vents are also needed to ensure the smooth passage of waste products from your home to the sewer system by allowing air from the roof into the sewer lines. It might not be glamorous to think about, but the DWV system is an essential piece of home plumbing.

Getting Expert Plumbing Help

While the above gives you a brief overview of how the plumbing in your home shakes out, it’s a complex topic that requires expertise. If you’re looking for plumbing in Winnipeg to help improve your system, contact Clean Line today to learn about how we can help you!