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Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?

By 25 January 2023Clean Line

Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?

Is there anything worse than trying to take a quiet shower in the morning before your kids wake up and realizing that your pipes are simply too loud? From a gentle hum to a loud banging, pipes can make all sorts of unexpected and unwanted sounds. Any sound at all from your pipes is often a sign that you need to bring in a plumber to remedy the situation. 


This guide will walk you through the most common causes of noisy pipes in your home: 

Water Pressure


The first and most common cause of pipes making noise is water pressure. High water pressure often results in a humming pipe due to the vibration of the water moving through. This is slightly more common if your water comes from a well, but it isn’t unheard of if you have public water. Often, this is a simple fix of adjusting your water tank to a lower PSI, which takes a plumber just a quick second. 

Trapped Air in the Line


Take note of the timeframe when you hear the most noise coming from your pipes. If it occurs when you first turn on the faucet and sounds like a bang, then it might be due to air in the lines. You might actually be able to hear the bubble as it works its way through the pipe and out of the faucet. 


The reasons that you get air in the line can be complex, so it’s best to turn to a plumber to help you pinpoint the cause. 

Clogged Drain


One of the most common reasons sound comes from your pipes is a clogged drain or pipe. This often sounds like a gurgling noise and can exist side-by-side with a slow-draining sink or bathtub. Clogs can be caused by anything from hair in the drain to larger items that have been passed through the sink, like plastics. 


Plumbers can safely remove these clogs without the use of harsh chemicals that can damage pipes. 


Loose Pipes


Once in a while, you might notice that your pipes have more of a rattling sound when you turn on the water. This means that they’ve broken free of the fasteners that hold them into place and are moving around inside your walls. They may be hitting other pipes, fasteners, studs, or other construction materials inside your walls. Plumbers can identify which pipes are loose and help you re-secure them.

Get an Assessment on Your Noisy Pipes


If you find that your pipes are making any sort of unexpected noise, it’s time to call in Winnipeg plumbers like the professionals at Clean Line. We can help you make sense of what your water lines are doing and remedy it so you can use your water peacefully. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you quiet those noisy pipes for good!