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Boiler Repair Services Winnipeg

Gas Boiler Repair

A boiler is a highly versatile and efficient heating system that can be used to operate and heat radiators, radiant in-floor heating, air handlers and domestic hot water tanks. Many new home construction contractors prefer installing high-efficiency boilers to traditional furnaces because of the balanced heat they create and the space they save.

At Clean Line, we’re proud to offer boiler repairs and replacement services. For more info about boilers, read below. If you have an issue or just have a question about whether a boiler is right for your home or business, give us a ring.

Clean Line Boiler Services

Condensing Boiler Repair

Extremely high-efficient, condensing boilers typically vent out of the sidewall of a home and require a floor drain. Compared to a traditional boiler, a high-efficiency condensing boiler can typically deliver heat savings of 20% – 35% by modulating its capacity. Just as stop-and-go driving wastes fuel, so does on-and-off cycling of your boiler.

Combination Boiler Repair

Combination boilers combine central heating for homes with tankless domestic hot water heating in a single, high-efficiency unit. Combination boilers are ideal for older homes and families who tend to use showers and appliances sequentially.

Key benefits include a single appliance for both heating and domestic hot water, added space once your old water tank is removed, reduced risk of water damage and, best of all, long-term energy savings.

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