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Hydrovac Winnipeg

When you have residential plumbing and sewer lines that require immediate or emergency repair, most homeowners begin to panic. Digging up those hidden lines can mean tearing up a well-manicured lawn, destroying plants and curb appeal. The repairs are necessary if you want to keep your house running smoothly, but it is a dreaded task just the same. Fortunately, new methods like hydrovac excavation can be more precise and minimize risk of damage.

If you have a repair that requires digging deep trenches in your yard, we recommend investigating the possibility hydrovac excavation use first. Learn more about this technique and equipment to help you make the right decision for your home!

Hydrovac Cleaning Winnipeg

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is the process of moving the soil using pressurized water instead of manual digging methods. A vacuum is used to suck the debris created into a special tank. The stream of water and the effective removal of the debris allows this form of excavation to be more accurate than the traditional method of digging up oil, gas, and water lines. This can be good news for homeowners who envision the nightmare of tearing up their entire yards.

There are many benefits to hydrovac excavation, but residents of Winnipeg will benefit from this method more than many other areas of the world. During the harsh winter months, the soil is often frozen too solid to remove it manually when your lines need to be repaired, and this can pose a serious problem if you have a leak in your sewer line or a fractured pipe under the ground. These issues need to be corrected immediately, but it is nearly impossible to get through the icy ground.

Hydrovac excavation can use heated water to thaw the ground and loosen debris all at the same time. Repairs can be made any time of the year which is reassuring for homeowners who know that their plumbing is susceptible to more issues during these colder months.

Hydrovac Winnipeg

Why is Hydrovac Beneficial?

Using the typical methods of excavation, it is not uncommon to accidentally hit a water or sewer line in the process of digging the trench. These accidents require additional materials, incur more costs, and extend the timeline of a simple repair. For homeowners, a situation like this could be disastrous and costly. Hydrovac excavation makes this scenario less likely due to its increased accuracy.

Preserving the landscaping and integrity of your yard is a priority, and when digging up your lines is unavoidable, hydrovac excavation truly minimizes the damage to your Winnipeg home. It allows the soil surrounding the area to stay strong and solid while still allowing the work to be completed, and this can make repairs to the affected area with sod or grass seed much cleaner.

The equipment can also be parked at a distance from the actual site itself, preventing your plumbing company from having to drive through your yard, creating even more of a mess. You can avoid those unsightly track marks from the utility truck and debris tank with this more efficient equipment. Preserving the appearance of your home as much as possible is a priority when it comes to updating or repairing your underground lines.

Workers prefer the hydrovac method as well, as it does a better job of digging holes quickly. This allows jobs to move much faster, allowing companies to get more job sites in the same amount of time. From a business perspective, this is an ideal situation.

Hydrovac is also much easier on the workers physically since they do not have to manage heavy machinery or manually clear away the dirt. It limits the number of injuries that occur on a job site and minimizes time off due to injuries. In turn, this reduces the cost of insurance and worker’s compensation claims for managers and office staff.

Opting for Hydrovac Excavation

If you need major or minor work done on your plumbing and sewer lines, it is inevitable that you will have to unearth them. You can minimize the damage to your property when you opt for the advanced technology of hydrovac excavation. Not all plumbing companies are equipped to offer this service, but Clean Line has you covered.

Next time you need a repair made, make sure that you contact Clean Line for all of your hydrovac needs in Winnipeg. Our expert technicians are experienced and able to minimize the damage that you can expect during this much-needed repair. For a plumber in Winnipeg choose Clean Line.

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