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Preventing Drain Clogs: Best Practices For Maintaining Clear Pipes

By 22 March 2023Winnipeg plumbers

Are you tired of having to unplug clogged drains in your bathroom sink, shower drains, or garbage disposal? Maintaining clear pipes is one of the most important aspects of keeping your home in working order.

How can you prevent clogged drains and keep your drains clear? Here are a few guidelines to help you along the way:

Keep Food Out of the Kitchen Sink Drain

The kitchen and bathroom sinks tend to be the ones most likely to clog. To this end, keeping kitchen sinks clear is relatively easy: Refrain from putting food down the drain. Instead, toss excess food in the trash can or compost heap. Putting food down the sink will eventually cause a clogged drain.

Flush Only Appropriate Waste

A clogged toilet is a common occurrence, but many clogs could be avoided by flushing waste and toilet paper only. Anything else will challenge your pipes and the sewer system.

Use a Drain Stopper

Shower/bathtub drains and pipes can become clogged from hair, soap scum, and the excess oils from our bodies. You can buy a mesh screen for the drain that will stop hair and solids from going down it.

You can purchase similar stoppers for the kitchen sink to keep chunks of food from passing through the drain and into your pipes. They’re easy to install, remove, and clean.

Steer Clear of Chemical Drain Cleaners

It’s important to note that you should do everything possible not to buy cleaners that offer to eat through your clog. These can be extremely harsh on your pipes and lead to long-term damage, especially with repeated use. Even rinsing afterward with hot water may not eliminate all traces, which can eat through your pipes.

Instead, try natural methods like putting some baking soda down the drain, followed by white vinegar. Snakes and plungers can also be very useful.

You can also keep drains clean with preventative maintenance: Pour boiling water and a little bit of dish soap down the drain. This can eliminate scum and prevent clogging.

When You Need Help With a Clogged Drain

When you need help with clogged drains, call skilled Winnipeg plumbers at Clean Line, and we’ll come to the rescue! We can unclog your drains and put preventative measures and tools in place to keep clogs from recurring. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you with your plumbing system!