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Plumbing Innovations For Smart Homes

By 20 September 2023Clean Line

Plumbing Innovations For Smart Homes

Smart home technology is growing rapidly, but many people don’t think about plumbing as an area that can benefit from these advancements. The truth is that smart home plumbing technology has come a long way and can save you a lot of money on your water bill. These high-tech plumbing technologies can monitor your water usage and maximize your plumbing system. 

If you’re thinking of adding smart plumbing to your home, here’s what you need to know about what’s available on the market: 

Touchless Faucets

One of the most convenient additions to the kitchen sink is a touchless faucet. These smart faucets allow you to turn on the water with a voice command or a gesture, depending on the brand and type. As a bonus, they can help you keep tabs on how much water you use daily. 

If you want to minimize your environmental impact and stop wasting so much water, smart faucets could be the right fit. 

Smart Water Heaters

No smart home would truly be complete without a smart water heater. These are different from tankless water heaters, though there may be some overlap. Instead, these smart devices get to know your routine water usage and prepare for it accordingly. This keeps them from wasting water or energy when heating up for your morning shower. 

Because of the technological advancements of your water heater, these often come equipped with smart leak detectors and can notify you when something isn’t working properly with the heater. 

Smart Toilets 

Another energy-efficient addition to your smart home plumbing is the toilet. Smart toilets utilize built-in sensors to determine when to flush and are also far cleaner than standard toilets. Because they can flush automatically or with a touchless gesture, you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria or germs.


Other benefits of smart toilets include low water consumption and a more comfortable experience with added benefits like heated seats. 

Smart Shutoff Valves

Are you worried about water leaks and the damage they can cause? Smart home devices can help you manage your water flow and take action if they detect any serious leaks. A smart shutoff valve can be installed at key points in your plumbing systems. It specializes in leak detection and can automatically turn off your water if it senses something is amiss. 

They can also monitor your water usage, letting you know when you do a good job cutting back on those long showers. 

Install Smart Home Plumbing Today

Are you ready to minimize your water bill and catch water leaks before they even happen? Plumbing technology has come a long way with the advent of some of these smart appliances. If you want to know what you can do to improve the functioning of your home, Clean Line can help. 

We offer premier plumbing services in Winnipeg, so reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help!