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3 Reasons To Install A Touchless Faucet

By 26 November 2019December 9th, 2022Winnipeg plumbers

Touchless faucets are becoming all the rage and there are a few reasons for that. One is that these faucets are pretty aesthetically pleasing. Another is that waving your hand in front of a sensor in order to cause water to pour out is pretty futuristic-feeling tech. There are three really good reasons to consider installing a touchless faucet in your home and/or your business:


Water Conservation

The U.S. Geological Survey developed a formula for calculating how much water is wasted per household, per year to faucets dripping. We have the same issues in Canada. You could be losing thousands of litres of water a year to drips, depending on how proactive you are about turning off your taps. Every time you forget to turn off the tap, or you don’t turn it off right away, you’re losing money and wasting water. These problems are multiplied if you own a business –  anytime anyone forgets to turn off the tap, you’re losing money. With touchless faucets, the tap is turned off automatically when you leave the area so you’ll never have to worry about wasting water in this way. 


Reduce the Spread of Infection

There are a lot of germs on your average faucet handle as kitchens and bathrooms have a lot of bacteria. That means touchless faucets reduce the spread of germs. Obviously, that’s handy in your home, especially if one of your family members gets a cold or some other infectious illness. The faucets help for home cooks, too, as it drastically reduces the chances of unintentional cross-contamination. For businesses, these concerns are amplified. Touchless faucets are perfect in a commercial kitchen because of the aforementioned reduction in cross-contamination. Having one member of your staff get sick and passing the illness to everyone else in the workplace is not a good thing for anyone. Once again, touchless faucets come to the rescue, reducing the spread of germs.


They Look Nice

We mentioned aesthetics at the top of the post, and we did it in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way, but aesthetics really do matter. In your home, aesthetics are a way of representing who you are and creating a safe space where you feel comfortable to learn and grow. In your business, your aesthetics can influence your clients’ perceptions of your brand. Touchless faucets show people that it’s important for you to conserve water and stop the spread of disease. In other words, gives them the sense that you’re a socially responsible company.


We can help you select the best touchless faucets for your home and/or business and we can do the installation for you. We do much more than that, too! You can come to us for any of your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning in Winnipeg to regular plumbing maintenance for commercial properties. Touchless faucets and any other plumbing needs you might have in Winnipeg? Get in touch with us.

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