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FORMADRAIN® is a tested and time-proven solution for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal wastewater and process pipe rehabilitation projects. In most conditions it can be used for a true NO-DIG solution.


CLEAN LINE is proud to be the only company within Manitoba to offer this advanced, no-dig wastewater and process pipe solution in partnership with FORMADRAIN®.


Formadrain is a truly remarkable trenchless pipe repair system. Take a look at these before and after photos – in the before pictures, you’ll see pipes that are completely broken up. The after pictures show the pipes once the Formadrain system has been installed – they’re as good as new, if not better. Best of all, Formadrain can last for decades.

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All Types of Conduits can be Lined with the FORMADRAIN® System.

It is a fast, economical, ecological and durable No-Dig System that can be used for a variety of applications including:

Underground pipes

Formadrain is a no-dig solution, making it the perfect lining for underground repairs. You can use Formadrain for trenchless pipe repairs of all kinds, including:

  • Sewers
  • Storm Pipes
  • Electrical Conduits
  • And more!
Rain water leaders

Broken rain water leaders can create soil erosion, runoff, and property damage. Fortunately, you won’t have to replace your rainwater leader entirely, even if it’s been seriously damaged by root intrusions, settling soil, or other problems. Formadrain will fix the problem with no digging.


Improperly vented plumbing can be hazardous to health and property. Formadrain can be used to repair damaged plumbing vents.

Sanitary columns

The system can also be used for stacks – verticality is no problem for Formadrain.

Process piping

Formadrain can be used for process piping for industrial purposes. You can also use Formadrain to repair piping used for heating, cooling, and other non-plumbing/non-process piping purposes. As long as the pipe is large enough, Formadrain is a suitable fiberglass lining solution.


The FORMADRAIN® System is Different from Other CIPP Methods

We have a proven and virtually perfect pipelining system for laterals and spot repairs. Here’s why:

Practically indestructible

Formadrain is made out of a fiberglass and epoxy mixture. This mixture is then wrapped in protective polyethylene. The result is an incredibly durable trenchless repair solution, well suited for sewer lining and pipe lining of all kinds.

5 times stronger than ASTM standards requirements

The ASTM sets standards for a wide array of products, including trenchless lining solutions for pipes. Formadrain is 5 times stronger than the ASTM standard – that means it’s a long lasting, durable way to restore damaged pipes.

No measuring for transitions

This is one of the most simple trenchless solutions available on the market. It’s pull-in-place, which means we can feed as much of the lining through your pipes as needed, without having to measure the distances in bends, Ts, and Ys.

Absolutely no digging

Trenchless solutions are some of the most exciting technologies available in plumbing, and Formadrain is one of the best. We will not need to dig a single hole on your property – that means lower costs and less time spent on the job, so you can get back to what matters most to you.


Formadrain offers a trenchless pipe repair system that is completely free of harmful VOCs – so you can breathe easy.

Controlled, guaranteed full cure in any weather

The Formadrain fiberglass and epoxy liner is cured using steam. It was developed in cold weather environments, but it’s also suitable for very warm environments. The steam curing process is remarkably quick, often taking 2 hours or less.

Tapered ends for smoother flow and secure bonding

One of the structural innovations created by the Formadrain team is the use of tapered ends, which improve bonding with the existing drain or pipe while allowing the lining to flow more smoothly through it before curing.


The FORMADRAIN® System Effectively Utilizes FIBREGLASS

FORMADRAIN liners do not use felt tubes. 


They are epoxy and fiberglass liners that are pulled or pushed into place. The liners are steam-cured, providing you with plenty of working time and assuring a complete cure.


Every time.



The liners can be pushed or pulled into place between any two access points, clean outs, manholes, etc. Pulled in place is often the preferred method as two lifelines are available for adjustments.  The pulled liner will easily negotiate T’s, Y’s, and bends of up to 90 degrees. Location of transitions, if any, is not a concern.


Once in place, the steam line is connected to the mandrel and steam pressure applied for the indicated time span (usually 45 mins. to 2 hours depending upon which epoxy is used and the size of the liner).



When you use the exclusive FORMADRAIN products, you don’t merely have a lined pipe. You have a new structural and durable pipe installed without the expense and disruption of digging, and without damage to property. For ease of use, flexibility and durability while posing no threat to health or safety, FORMADRAIN is the obvious choice. For a plumber in Winnipeg choose Clean Line.

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