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Running a business is no easy feat. You’ve got a lot on your mind – how to best serve your customers, where to expand, how to turn your earnings into growth, the trends in your industry.


The last thing you want to be worried about is whether or not your plumbing is going to work; reliable, functional infrastructure is essential to having your business operate with as few worries as possible. Here at Clean Line, we can ease all of your commercial plumbing worries. From emergency plumbing repairs, to the installation of new plumbing fixtures, to cleaning out grease traps, no matter what your business needs, you can trust Clean Line.


We’re available 24/7, we’re licensed and insured, and we’ve handled all kinds of business needs plenty of times in the past. We were established in West St. Paul over 35 years ago, so we understand the needs of business owners in Winnipeg and the surrounding area; after all, we’re a business ourselves!

Emergency Commercial Plumbing Winnipeg

The last thing a business owner wants to see is a plumbing emergency. The most disastrous emergencies can shut down your business for days, burst pipes can cause water damage, and catastrophic boiler failure can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. When an emergency comes up, you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your plumber will do efficient, high quality work. That’s why you should trust Clean Line; our years of experience working with businesses of all kinds in the area speak for themselves. We can come fix your plumbing any time of day or night, give you a fair quote, and get the work done right, so you can get back to doing what you do best: serving your clients.


Frozen pipes, an overloaded septic tank, a damaged sewer line, leaking fixtures; no matter what your problem is, we’ll be there in a snap, ready to fix it. We go beyond just the basics, though. When we find out what caused the problem, we’ll give you tactics for preventing the same problem from occurring in the future; after all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Property Management Plumbing Winnipeg

Work as a property manager means efficiently responding to problems in a number of buildings. You have to delegate, quickly, and you need a plumbing contractor who can answer the call right away. At Clean Line, we have the staff to efficiently respond to any plumbing problems you might have. From a tenant whose toilet isn’t working properly to a sudden surge in calls about slow drains, we’ll find the problem and fix it – fast.


We offer regular maintenance services for property managers, so we can ensure that everything is working properly and up to code. From checking the status of sprinkler systems and water boilers, to cleaning out the pipes running to each of your tenants suites. We’ll do unit checks before a tenant moves in and after they move out, to ensure the plumbing is in proper working order. Whatever your property management needs, Clean Line is here for you.

Grease Traps Winnipeg

Almost every Winnipeg business that works with food will need a grease trap. Grease traps stop fat, oils and grease from entering into the sewer system and causing serious damage. You’ll need to have a grease trap or a grease interceptor installed, and then you’ll need someone to maintain the grease trap, cleaning out the grease and transporting it away.


Clean Line will evaluate your business, and ask you questions to ascertain how much grease you are likely to produce. We’ll then give you advice on what type of grease trap or interceptor you should have installed. Once you’ve decided, we’ll install it for you. We’ll then come by as often as needed (usually at least once a week) to clean out your grease trap and fill out a maintenance log; the City of Winnipeg requires you keep the year’s grease trap maintenance records so they can access them if need be.

Customized Commercial Solutions

No matter what your business needs, we have the plumbing solution for you. We’re available 24/7, so we can work around your schedule. General contractor who needs new plumbing installed in a large scale project? We’ll work with other contractors to fit your schedule perfectly, and work with you to get the proper plumbing permits to get everything installed in the building so the work is completed on time. Once our work is done, we’ll arrange for an inspector to verify the work and confirm that everything was done to code.


Have specific plumbing fixtures you want to see working perfectly, like fountains? You can trust the pros at Clean Line to ensure your plumbing flows without a hitch. Clean Line, a Winnipeg business, for Winnipeg businesses.

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