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Why You Need A Home Plumbing Inspection

By 19 August 2020January 5th, 2023Winnipeg plumbers

Going to the doctor every year is obviously a good idea. While homes aren’t nearly as complex as our bodies, they’re still incredibly complex – it’s a wonder people don’t get their home’s systems inspected more often. There are generally two reasons why you might want to get the plumbing of a house inspected. The first is that you’re buying (or selling) a place, and the second is for preventive maintenance. We’ll dive into both, because they’re both incredibly important:


When it comes to buying a home, the reason to get a plumbing inspection is obvious – peace of mind. While it’s possible that the person who is selling the home has already had a whole home inspection done, it’s possible the home inspection did not include a detailed look at every facet of the home’s plumbing. What’s more, some sellers will forgo home inspections entirely. Buying a home without a comprehensive inspection can leave you in a very sticky situation. When doing a whole home inspection, go the extra mile and get someone to look carefully at the plumbing.


Are you selling your home? A plumbing inspection is still a great idea as a part of a whole home inspection. There are a number of reasons to do this. First, you want to be honest with people who are looking to buy your home! It’s a gesture of goodwill, and a sign of your earnest character. What’s more, a whole home inspection might actually fetch you a premium on your home – it will be clear to the buyer that there are no hidden problems they have to worry about.


Preventive maintenance is another great reason to have a home plumbing inspection. This isn’t necessarily a whole home inspection; it might simply be a check-up on some springtime essentials, like your sump pump and backwater valve. You might get a whole home inspection once every few years – evaluate the state of all of your fixtures, clear out any residue in your pipes, or even do line flushing. 


Once a whole home inspection is complete, your plumber can offer you a number of recommendations. This might include ways that you could reduce your water consumption via eco-friendly fixtures, or pointing out pipes and fixtures that may need replacing. You’ve probably heard the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – finding potential problems before they become burst pipes is always a good idea.


You might also get a whole home plumbing inspection done if you’re going to renovate. When you plan on tearing down walls and moving pipes around anyway, you might as well find out if there are any old pipes that should be replaced while you’re at it.

Looking for Winnipeg residential plumbing services, including whole home plumbing inspections? Get in touch with us. We strive to go above and beyond, providing not just an inspection, but advice on what actions you might take to solve potential problems.

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