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What Is Plumber’s Glue?

By 25 April 2022Winnipeg plumbers

Plumber applying glue on pvc pipe

Ever wondered how pipes stay connected without leaking?  

This question may not be at the top of your mind on a regular basis, but you will certainly have a burning desire to know the answer if and when the plumbing in your home or business springs a leak.  Leaky pipes can really dampen your spirits (pun intended).  And when that happens, you’ll need a product that can put the pipes back together again properly.  That product is called plumber’s glue.


Plumber’s Glue Basics

Plumber’s glue, also known and sold as PVC glue, pipe glue, or cement glue, is not actually glue.  Technically speaking, it’s a solvent cement.  When a pipe and fitting are joined, they form a solvent weld.  In other words, they become chemically bonded together and cannot be taken apart.

Technicalities aside, plumber’s glue is a waterproof adhesive that’s used in a wide variety of plumbing jobs.  It dries clear, doesn’t drip when being applied, and forms a watertight seal.  Whether your toilet is leaking or the pipe under your sink is dripping, plumber’s glue is what you need.  

There are many types of plumber’s glue available on the market.  Before selecting one, you should consider the material and size of the pipe that needs repairs.  You should also take into account local codes and standards as well as application conditions like temperature, moisture, and pressure in the pipe’s vicinity.  


How To Apply Plumber’s Glue

You can find a lot of information about DIY plumbing on the internet and most sources will instruct you to take measures such as setting up ventilation, cleaning the pipes, pre-fitting pieces together, sanding to eliminate slick surfaces, using primer, clamping, and carefully cleaning up afterward.  

But isn’t this exactly why plumbers go to plumbing school?

Is it worth searching for DIY plumbing tips, investing in tools and materials you’ll never use again, and getting yourself covered in plumber’s glue (not to mention the risk of damaging something), when you can search instead for “plumbers near me” and have a professional plumber arrive at your door the very same day?

The benefits definitely outweigh the cost when it comes to getting in touch with a qualified plumber who can both fix your leaky pipe and ensure nothing else is damaged in the process.


Clean Line

For over 35 years, Clean Line has been providing excellence in residential and commercial plumbing services throughout the Winnipeg area.  Clean Line is certified (Red Seal), insured, reliable, and available 24/7 in case of a plumbing emergency–not to mention they offer CAA rewards.  

If you have a plumbing issue, don’t get stuck (ha!) researching plumber’s glue.  Instead, let the experts bring the glue and leave behind peace of mind and a job well done.

To avoid a sticky situation (oh no, just can’t stop), for more information, or to book a service call, phone 204-813-7730 today.


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