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What Is Line Flushing?

Line flushing is a process which uses highly pressurized water to remove sediment from water lines, and is one of the most effective ways to clean pipes. Sediment builds up in areas that are often difficult to get to, and can block different parts of various pipes. This makes flushing lines the most effective way of dealing with sediment deposit. The high-pressure water runs through every corner of your pipes, flushing out anything that shouldn’t be in there.


Sediment build-up is going to occur no matter where you get your water from – most of us get city water, but this process is especially important for people with wells. Either way, there are minerals in the water, and these minerals will eventually start to accumulate in your pipes. There are a few  potential consequences. First, you might notice your water pressure begin to change. When water has to flow past a large sediment deposit, it’s going to take longer to come out of your faucet.


Another consequence is that your pipes will begin to deteriorate more rapidly. In areas where sediment has built up, the pressure being applied to your pipe walls is going to increase. Over time, this pressure can begin to wear down the interior walls of your pipes, leading to leaks. Flushing your pipes regularly is a form of routine maintenance that can help prevent these leaks.


You also want to flush your lines in order to help guarantee your good health. Mineralized water isn’t bad for you (there’s actually some evidence that some mineralization is quite good for you). That said, whether or not mineralized water is healthy or detrimental to health depends heavily on the type and quantity of mineralization. The City of Winnipeg already strives to have high-quality drinking water, so reducing other mineralization is for the best.


Residential line flushing might not be the most common practice, but it’s one that’s rooted in hard data. Cities flush their water lines all the time for the exact reasons described above; sediment build-up is inevitable anytime water touches a solid surface. You can read the City of Winnipeg’s line flushing FAQ to get a better understanding of how our municipal government does this important work. 


We know that if the city is doing this work in order to keep water mains clean, it’s incredibly sensible to do the same on a small scale in your home. As we’ve mentioned, sediment build-up is a given anytime you have water running through pipes, big or small. Looking for line flushing in Winnipeg or the surrounding area? Get in touch with us. We’ll get rid of sediment build-up to keep your pipes clear and your water delicious. For Plumbing in Winnipeg choose Clean Line. 

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