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What Is Backflow Testing For?

By 26 March 2020January 16th, 2023Winnipeg plumbers

Plumbing seems simple when you don’t think about it too much. Turn on the tap, water comes out, if there’s a problem, call a plumber. To understand backflow testing, backflow detection devices, and the closely related backwater valves, you need to know a bit about what makes plumbing so tricky.


Water in your home is highly pressurized. It needs to go up through pipes and all around your home, so there needs to be sufficient force to move it. Generally, things from outside your home’s water system have a hard time getting in – the pressure makes it impossible. When pressure suddenly drops, however, water sources from outside your home can make it into your (and the city’s) potable water supply.


Here’s an example: let’s say you have a hose in an inflatable pool. Should your water pressure suddenly drop, that hose might begin to act as a siphon, sucking the water from your pool into your home’s water supply.


In worst case scenarios, backflow can contaminate a city’s entire water supply. That’s why the City of Winnipeg has strict rules about cross-connections (the connections that could allow backflow into the city’s water lines). There are backflow prevention devices that make backflow impossible – if they’re working.


That brings us to backflow testing – these tests simply measure if backflow into the water supply is possible, and if so, if there are working backflow prevention devices to halt backflow. Backflow prevention devices don’t work forever; having yours tested at least once a year will help keep you and the city’s water supply safe. 


Backwater valves are devices that are closely related to backflow prevention devices – they’re used to prevent sewage from backing up into your home. When heavy rainfall or flooding overwhelms a city’s sewer, the pressure can force sewage into your home’s water supply. Backwater valves prevent this. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to get those tested regularly too. Trust us – you don’t want sewage backing up into your home.


We’re here for all of your backflow prevention device and backwater valve needs. Most homes already have backwater valves installed; if you don’t, please give us a call right away. We can get one installed in a jiffy, and it’s well worth the protection – these valves can even lower your insurance rates in some circumstances. For Winnipeg backflow testing, get in touch with us. We’ll make sure there’s no backflow; if there is, we’ll install the appropriate prevention devices.


Our city – indeed, our very global society – is at a place where looking out for one another is on everyone’s mind. We’ll help you take care of your family and your neighbors – that is our commitment to you. For plumbing services Winnipeg choose Clean Line.

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