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Under Sink Filtration Systems

By 23 February 2021Winnipeg plumbers

There are lots of reasons to want to filter your water, but they usually come down to one central theme – you want to protect your health.

That might be by reducing lead content, reducing VOCs, or reducing sediment. Heck, it might just be that you like the taste of filtered water.

Whatever your reasons are, you might have decided that a filtered water pitcher just isn’t convenient enough. Time is money, after all – what’s more, the cost of those disposable filters can add up! For a lot of people, it might be worth the money to purchase an under sink filtration system. These systems come with a separate faucet, so you’ll have one faucet for dishes and other chores, and another for clean drinking water.

Are under sink filtration systems worth it?

There’s no one simple answer to this question. In Winnipeg, our drinking water is high-quality – check out the City’s Water Quality Report. We’ve actually got some of the best drinking water in the world – though if you’re chlorine-averse, you might not love the taste.

Some homes in Winnipeg still have lead pipes, and filtration can help reduce the amount of lead in your water. If you have lead pipes, however, it’s best to get them removed and replaced, rather than to simply try to filter the lead out. Lead is quite dangerous, and high quantities of lead might not be completely filtered out. The lead can also enter your system through other sources – your toothbrush, your shower, and the like.

All this being said, there are a lot of people who, quite reasonably, want to limit the number of chemicals that they’re ingesting through their drinking water. For these people, an under sink filtration system is a safe and effective way of purifying water.

When it comes to people living outside the City limits, water filtration can become even more important. The quality of well water can vary from well to well, and even from season to season. Having a filtration system in place can protect you from sediment and other runoff that can enter your well. Of course, if your well is contaminated by something like E. coli, you’ll still need to get it treated, which means that even with a filter, you’ll still need to test your well water regularly.

Which under sink filtration system do you recommend?

We love the Aqua Flo Under Sink Filtration System. It’s relatively inexpensive, it does a great job filtering out sediment and chemicals, and it leaves your tap water tasting great. There are a variety of models available, so you can choose how much you want to filter out – from simple chlorine reduction to a 3-stage filtration system.

Of course, you won’t have to install it yourself – your Winnipeg plumbers at Clean Line can do the hard work for you. Just be sure to let us have a drink of that filtered water once we’re done!

We also service hot water tanks in Winnipeg.

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