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Types of Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

By 24 September 2019January 16th, 2023Winnipeg plumbers

The sinks in your bathrooms are full of water. The kitchen sinks that you use all day seem to be draining slower than usual. Maybe even your toilets appear to be clogged beyond repair. There are endless possibilities for how your commercial drains could wind up clogged. While you might attempt to use a store-bought drain cleaner, these are not always effective at correcting the extensive damage inside of your pipes. You may need to consider commercial drain cleaning services from a professional plumbing company. 


Plumbers have several different tools and techniques at their disposal to loosen the debris and gunk that are clogging your drains. These techniques are often more effective than the harsh chemicals found in the grocery store aisles. Here is what you can expect from a plumbing company if you need to have your drains unclogged. 


Drain Snaking


This is often the first line of treatment that a plumber will use when they enter a new business for the first time. A drain snake is sometimes referred to as a drain auger. Whichever term your plumbing company uses, the tool will look the same. It is essentially a piece of cable with the head of an auger. They come in several different sizes to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes. 


These drain snakes are ideal for clogs that are close to the drain and those that are further into the depths of the pipe. Despite their versatility, there are still some clogs that cannot be flushed out using these handy tools. If this is the case, your plumber will likely move on to the next method. 


Hydro Jetting


Commercial drain cleaning can be extremely difficult and may require a more aggressive method than what is needed in a residential home. When a drain snake fails, hydro jetting is the next line of treatment. A high-pressure stream of water from a spray head jettisons water through your pipes until it clears out all of the debris that is clogging it. This method is highly effective, but this process is not without risk. 


In some instances, hydro jetting may be too aggressive for your pipes. Old plumbing, as is common in some of the more established buildings in Winnipeg, can be damaged with this forceful treatment. It can lead to more extensive repairs and a heftier bill at the end of your plumbing visit. 


Video Inspection


If your plumber isn’t sure how to proceed with your commercial drain cleaning, they may suggest a video inspection. They are able to extend a tiny camera through your pipes so that they can lay eyes on the clog. It takes some of the mystery and guesswork out of commercial drain cleaning, allowing for better decision-making. 


A video inspection allows them to determine the cause, the location, and the severity of the situation before they move to a more aggressive commercial drain cleaning method like hydro jetting. Seeing the inside of the pipes may also convince them that your pipes cannot handle an aggressive treatment. 


Experienced Commercial Drain Cleaning in Winnipeg


When your commercial sinks are clogged, it can spell disaster and lost revenue for your business. You need to get the problem remedied as soon as possible. Call your local plumbing company to determine what type of commercial drain cleaning is necessary for your Winnipeg business. 


Experienced technicians like those found at Clean Line can help you determine which methods are best suited for your pipes. Be sure to give us a call today to help you unclog those pesky drains and get back to business! 

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