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Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

By 30 July 2019January 6th, 2023Winnipeg plumbers

A septic tank that’s too full is not an experience any homeowner wants to have. Sewer backup is gross, it damages your property, it takes ages to clean – all and all, one of the worst things that can happen in your home. Here at Clean Line, we offer septic tank cleaning Winnipeg can trust – but that’s only good if you know when you need your septic tank cleaned. This brief post will help you spot the signs of a septic tank that might be too full.


Sign 1: Your Cleaning is Scheduled

We can schedule regular septic tank cleanings for you, so that you don’t need to check for the signs we’ll be discussing below. Depending on how often your septic tank is being used, and how big it is, you might need to have your tank pumped more or less. A rule of thumb is that homeowners should have the septic tank cleaned every 3 to 5 years. For businesses of various types, you might want the tank cleaned quite a bit more often. We’ll evaluate how often the tank should be cleaned based on your habits, and create a schedule.


Sign 2: Slow Drains

When your septic tank is quite full, you’ll find that your drains move a little more slowly; they might even become clogged. That’s because there’s only so much room in the tank; when it’s very full, the drains themselves will slowly become filled with the sewage that couldn’t quite fit into the tank. Should you notice that drainage is occurring more and more slowly, it’s very likely that you need to have your tank pumped.


Sign 3: A Bad Smell

The nose knows; if your home or business is starting to smell like sewage, it’s very likely that your tank is too full, and mild backup has begun to occur. You might get a whiff of something bad outside or inside; either way, it’s probably time to get the septic tank pumped.


Sign 4: The Grass is Greener

Human waste is an interesting ecological problem; we’re always trying to find ways to make our society more efficient, and some have proposed using our waste as a fertilizer, to mixed reception. There’s no question that human waste is efficient, though – for example, just look at what happens if your septic field starts getting an excess of waste from your too-full septic tank. You’ll see incredibly green, luscious, healthy grass, and it means you need to have your tank cleaned.


Sign 5: Sewage Backup

You really don’t want things to get to this point; that’s why we gave you the other 4 signs. Obviously, if you’re experiencing sewage backup, your septic tank is too full; it’s an emergency, and you’ll need your tank pumped immediately. Don’t risk trying to do this on your own; septic tanks are dangerous. For plumbers in Winnipeg choose Clean Line.

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