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Here in Winnipeg, having a well-heated building isn’t just a matter of comfort – it’s a matter of health and safety. Boilers are an effective and often energy-efficient method of heating your home or business. When your boiler breaks down or isn’t heating as well as you’d like it to, it’s time to call the experts.

Clean Line has been offering boiler repair in Winnipeg for over 35 years. With 24/7 service, we can repair your boiler even if it breaks down at the worst possible time. Our certified technicians work quickly and efficiently to identify and fix any problems – and to help you avoid similar issues in the future.

Commercial & Residential Boiler Services

We’re a full-service boiler repair and installation contractor in Winnipeg. That means we can install, repair, and replace boilers. We install and repair all makes and models, with a focus on finding the best value for your household or business. We also offer annual boiler maintenance and servicing.

Our skilled technicians can service all types of boilers, including combi-boilers. When we’re talking about boilers, we mean central heating boilers – but we can service water tanks as well.


We can install and repair a wide variety of different kinds of boilers, including low pressure steam boilers, and both low and higher temperature hydronic boilers. We can also install and repair in-floor heating boilers, which provide radiant heat, provide additives for closed system boilers, and more.

With our decades of experience in the industry, we know that the needs of homeowners and business owners can be quite different – that’s why we have both commercial and residential boiler specialists. We also know that homeowners and business owners share some of the same concerns: They want to get great value for their money, boilers that will heat their building comfortably, and solid advice. We provide all of the above – and more.

Best Boiler for My Home

There is no one “best boiler” – the boiler that you’ll choose will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your home. In the world of central heating, bigger isn’t always better – your technician will ensure that your boiler is properly sized to provide perfect comfort levels.


With that in mind, we do recommend high-efficiency condensing boilers to almost every homeowner. High-efficiency boilers can drastically reduce your monthly heating costs. Conventional boilers turn about 80% of the energy they consume into usable heat – high-efficiency boilers can turn up to 98% of the energy they consume into usable heat. That means they’ll save you money over time, and they’re more environmentally friendly.

Depending on your setup, we may also recommend you purchase a combi-boiler. Combi-boilers act as both central heating and water heating – that means you’ll be able to get rid of your old water heater. These two-in-one units are more energy-efficient, and they can save you a whole lot of space. Get a high-efficiency combi-boiler today – give us a call!

Common Boiler Problems

There’s no heat in your building or in a section of your building.
This is a common problem – in most cases, your radiators simply need to be bled. You can catch this problem early if you notice there’s less heat coming out of a radiator or that there are cold spots. You may also notice that your boiler’s pressure is elevated – another sign you should bleed your radiators. Want help bleeding your radiators or diagnosing the problem? Give us a call.
Your boiler is making strange noises.
There are a few possible causes for this – and all of them need to be handled by professionals. Boilers with too much limescale buildup can startle to make kettling sounds. Boilers with pipes that haven’t been secured properly can start to make loud banging noises. Whooshing noises, gurgling noises – there’s no end to the sounds your boiler might be making, and there are a number of (fixable) causes for each of them.
Pressure problems.
Your boiler’s pressure may be too high or too low – each problem has different causes and different solutions. When the pressure is too high, you can try bleeding your radiators. When the pressure is too low, there may not be enough water in the system, and you’ll need to add more. Finding out why your boiler’s pressure is too low is essential – there may be a leak. Need help with boiler pressure? Give us a call.
Boiler leaks aren’t common – especially on newer models – but when they crop up, they’re a real nuisance. A leak will lower your system’s pressure and can cause water damage. Leaks can also damage the electrical components of your boiler. They can be caused by a number of problems, from corroded metals to excessive boiler pressure, and they need to be repaired as soon as possible. Fortunately, we’re just a phone call away.

These are just a few of the many problems that can crop up with a boiler. Fortunately, boiler problems are relatively easy to diagnose in the modern age, thanks to the implementation of boiler fault codes. You can look fault codes up online to figure out what problems your boiler is having, then give us a call to repair them!

Here’s another secret to boilers: if you get them inspected, tested, and serviced by a Red Seal plumber at least once a year, you’ll be able to prevent a lot of the problems listed above – all while keeping your warranty intact. Our Red Seal Winnipeg plumbers can help!

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Our expert technicians are available to diagnose and repair any problems your boiler and related systems may be experiencing. With emergency services offered 24/7, and routine maintenance available to help you improve your boiler’s efficiency and lifespan, we offer all of the boiler services you need.

We’ll also help you choose the best boiler for your needs, then install it. Whether you’re constructing a new building or you’re replacing an existing boiler, we can handle everything from boiler installation to plumbing installation for both residential and commercial clients.


Take advantage of our decades of experience. We know Winnipeg. We know how cold it can get and what your boiler system needs to keep up with our weather. Improve your building’s comfort and the reliability of your heating system. Call Clean Line today!

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