Commercial Plumbing

As a business owner, the last thing you want to think about is plumbing. Unless, like us, it is your business. From emergency plumbing repairs to grease trap cleaning, Clean Line offers a full suite of commercial plumbing services to make sure it’s always business as usual for your business.

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Commercial Plumbing Suppliers

Emergency Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies can shut down your business for days, incite water damage and, in the case of catastrophic boiler failure, cause up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. If you should run into a plumbing 9-1-1, trust Clean Line to get to the bottom of your issue quickly and provide a cost-effective solution to get you back in business.

Commercial Plumbers Winnipeg

Property Management Plumbing

Every Property Manager needs a reliable plumbing partner that can respond to calls day or night in a timely fashion. At Clean Line, we have the staff to efficiently respond to any building-related plumbing issues you may encounter. From a tenant whose toilet isn’t working properly to a surge in complaints about slow drains, we’ve seen it all. We’ll detect the problem and fix it fast.

We also offer regular maintenance services to ensure all components of your property’s plumbing systems are working properly and up to code, including sprinkler systems, water boilers, unit checks before a tenant moves in and more.

Clean Line's Commercial Plumbing Services

Grease Traps

Almost every business that serves food needs a grease trap or interceptor installed to stop fat, oils, and grease from entering the sewer system. We’ll ask questions to help you figure out how much grease you produce and recommend the type of trap or interceptor that best suits your operation.

Not only do we install the equipment, we can also come by as often as you need (typically at least once a week) to clean out the trap and fill out a maintenance log as required by the City of Winnipeg.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Working sinks and washrooms are essential for smooth day-to-day operation for almost any business. And downtime is money flowing in the wrong direction. That’s why drain cleaning, whether it’s related to a plumbing emergency or simply part of one of our routine maintenance packages, is one of our most popular commercial plumbing services. One of our expert plumbers will get to the root of any issue you’re having, clear out your drains, and give you tips on how to keep them from clogging again.

Mechanical Construction

Thinking about expanding the plumbing in your business? Need new pipes, tanks, or other fittings installed? Our commercial plumbers can do it all. We regularly work with real estate, construction, and property management companies to add onto existing plumbing systems to better suit their growing needs. 

New plumbing fixtures and pipes can also significantly decrease utility bills and lower the risk of water damage. If you’re thinking about updating the plumbing of your business, give us a call.


CLEAN LINE is proud to be the only company in Manitoba to offer FORMADRAIN®, the advanced, no-dig wastewater and process pipe relining solution. Fast, economical, ecological and durable, it’s an innovative pipe-curing solution that can be used for a variety of residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

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