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How To Know Your Drains Need To Be Cleaned

By 23 July 2019January 5th, 2023Winnipeg plumbers

Clogged drains can be a huge problem. Most of the time, these clogs are as a result of something simple blocking your drain – you can fix them yourself. Other times, however, clogged drains may be indicators of sewer backup or other problems with your drainage system. Here, we look at some of the telltale signs your drains need to be cleaned, how to do minor cleaning yourself, and when to call the professionals.


Slow Drains

When water is draining out of your fixtures more slowly than usual, that’s the first sign that blockage is building up. Slow drains mean the drain pipes have started to get blocked off, but they aren’t blocked all the way, so some water can still flow through. When you have one slow drain, it’s likely just that drain that’s clogged; take a plunger and start the unclogging process. Failing that, drain cleaner can also do wonders. When all of your drains are clogged, on the other hand, that’s indicative of a more systemic problem, and you should call for drain cleaning Winnipeg can trust. 


Water Backup

This is basically phase 2 of slow drains; there’s not enough room for all the water in your fixture to flow down the pipes, so some of it starts backing up the drain. You follow the same steps as for slow drains here; try to unclog it yourself, but if you can’t, or you see the backup in all of your fixtures, you should call someone to take care of the problem for you.


Weird Noises

Haven’t noticed any backup yet, but you’re hearing strange sounds coming from the drain pipes? That could be a sign that a clog is imminent. Try clearing out the drains yourself, then monitor; if the sound persists, you might want to call someone to check it out and make sure it’s not a problem with the pipes themselves (burst drain pipes are not fun).



Flies love to refuse. In fact, flies love pretty much everything they might find in a clogged drain, from food particles to slightly sweet water, juices from meat, or any sewage that might have backed up. When you see a bunch of flies around your drains for seemingly no reason, it’s a pretty sure sign that it’s backed up. You know the drill; try and fix it yourself, or call a plumber.


Sewage Backup

Well, we’re here. It probably goes without saying that if sewage is backing up through your drains, you need to get a plumber in, but it is technically a sign, so I guess it fits. Please call a plumber before things get this bad if you can; it’s better for you, it’s better for them, it’s better for everyone. That said, if you do experience sewage backup, the pros at Clean Line are available 24/7, ready to fix everything up for you. 

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