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How Much Can Broken Plumbing Fixtures Really Cost You On Your Utility Bill?

By 29 December 2021Winnipeg plumbers

You have some idea that your plumbing fixtures may be broken when you start seeing water bills that are much higher than usual. The truth is that this wasted water can really add up, throwing you well over your usual monthly budget. It needs to be addressed quickly to minimize the water being wasted and to set your water bill back to where it belongs. 


How much are leaky fixtures really costing you? Let’s take a closer look! 


How Much Does A Dripping Faucet Cost You? 

As you likely already know, your water bill is tallied up by how much water you have used over the course of the month. In many areas, the water company charges about $20 per month for a usage of 1,000 gallons. Consider how quickly water is dripping from your faucet to determine how much it is going to cost you on a monthly basis. 


A slow drip is usually once every six seconds or ten drops per minute. When you encounter a drip at this level, you will be wasting a little less than a gallon per day. Given the standard rate listed above, this means that you will be paying very little extra on your monthly bill. If you have multiple fixtures leaking at the same time, this can really add up. 


Another reason why your water bill may soar is if you have a much faster drip. When a faucet drips every two seconds (30 drips a minute), you could be losing about $20 per month for a single leaking faucet. This is a total of $240 for the year if only one fixture is leaking. 


How Much Can A Leaking Pipe Cost You? 

A leak is a bit harder to determine when it comes to what it might be costing you. It depends on just how much water is seeping through your pipes unaccounted for. A small crack will obviously cost less than a larger one, but both are issues that should be resolved. It could cost you up to $600 per month if you aren’t careful. 


This is one instance where you should get your plumbing looked at by a professional right away. Not only is a leaking pipe bad for your home, but it is also terrible for your wallet. While a leaking faucet may cause little harm to both your home and your water bill, a crack in the pipe will lead to all sorts of major damage. Don’t delay seeking professional help for this type of issue! 


Are Broken Plumbing Fixtures Costing You? 

Have you noticed that your water bill is significantly higher than it usually is? You might be amazed at how much money you are spending because of broken plumbing fixtures. If so, you need to contact the professionals at Clean Line to help you remedy this situation quickly.

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