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DIY Clogged Toilet Resolutions

There are all kinds of resolutions in the world: screen resolutions, New Year’s resolutions, and DIY clogged toilet resolutions. Okay, so the last one isn’t quite as popular as the first two, but knowing how to unclog your toilet is important nonetheless. Here are a few clogged toilet resolutions:


The first resolution you should make: don’t flush random objects down the toilet. No grease! No “flushable” wipes! Toilet paper and human waste are pretty much the only two things you should be flushing down the toilet. All manner of other things can clog up the works, which means more effort for you in the long run.


Here’s another resolution for you: no drain cleaners – at least, not if you can avoid them. Drain cleaners are often highly corrosive – that’s what makes them so effective at cleaning out clogs. The problem, of course, is that corrosive substances don’t care what they corrode, which can lead to pipe damage. Feel like a drain cleaner is your only option? Purchase one that’s plumber-approved.


A third resolution: have a plunger on hand at all times! Plungers are incredibly effective for cleaning out small-scale clogs. Your first plunge should be quite gentle, as you’re replacing the air in the plunger with water. Once the plunger is in and sealed, plunge in and out; it can take over a dozen plunges to unclog, so keep going at it for a while. Test, and if necessary, plunge again. 


Is plunging not working? There are a few other ways you can get rid of stubborn clogs. You might start with a mix of hot water and dish soap. The soap can make whatever is clogging the toilet slippery, which may allow the force of water to dislodge it. The hot water/soap mixture can be poured in from about waist height (carefully) – the force of the water plus the slipperiness of the soap might unclog the toilet. Once that’s done, you might try plunging again.


Barring all of this, you might resolve to get a plumbing snake. These devices are quite a bit pricier than a plunger, but they can be an effective way to clear clogs. You’ll crank the snake, occasionally applying pressure, until you find the clog. You’ll then crank through the clog, breaking it up.


Finally, you should resolve to call for backup if a clog isn’t going away, or if you notice several slow, clogged, or backed-up drains at once. There could be tree roots or all manner of other systemic blockage causing you problems. For those times, Clean Line Sewer & Drain is here for you. We have plumber-approved drain cleaners, we have tools for getting rid of roots (and keeping them away), we can unfreeze your pipes – whatever your plumbing needs are, we’re here for you! For plumbing in Winnipeg choose Clean Line

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