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5 Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged & How To Fix It

You can tell that your dishwasher is clogged if water from inside the dishwasher isn’t draining out properly. That problem becomes obvious pretty quickly; you end up with pools of water at the bottom of your dishwasher – not fun to clean up.


Here are five reasons why your dishwasher may be clogged or unable to drain, and how to fix them:


#1 Physical Barriers

This is the most common reason for your dishwasher to be clogged – either the dishwasher’s drain hose or your kitchen sink is clogged up. Sometimes these clogs are caused by food items, while sometimes they’re caused by things like the labels from jars (check out this article on what not to put in the dishwasher to avoid common mishaps like this). Should you find that there are no clogs, we’re on to step #2.


#2 The Garbage Disposal

For those households with a garbage disposal, you should be aware that clogs in the disposal will likely impede dishwasher drainage; the drain hose is most often connected to the disposal. When you’ve recently installed a disposal, make sure you’ve removed the knockout plug; otherwise, make sure the disposal is free of clogs. Running the disposal could help.


#3 The Plumbing Connections

When the drain hose isn’t properly connected, it can easily mean problems with drainage. Make sure the connection from the drain hose to the sink or disposal is secure, and while you’re at it, double check for the clogs we mentioned earlier. You’ll also want to check the air gap cylinder near the outlet hose – if it’s clogged, you may experience backup.


#4 The Filter

Your dishwasher’s filter can become clogged, which leads to a swampy interior. It can be a bit tricky to find, but the owner’s manual should have instructions showing you both where it is and how to remove it. Generally, it’s located towards the back or bottom of the dishwasher, often near the spray arm. Remove it, get rid of any gunk that got caught in there (spraying/washing it should do), then put it back in.


#5 Systemic Plumbing Issues

While this is much more rare than the four preceding points, if you have roots or other obstructions near your sewer’s main line, it can cause backups in the dishwasher. You’d probably realize this, though, because you’d get slow and backed up drains throughout your home.


There are a number of non plumbing-related reasons for dishwasher malfunctions, from failed pumps to timers that aren’t working properly; in those cases, you may need someone to come repair your dishwasher for you.


On the plumbing side of things, there are plumbing companies in Winnipeg that can help you out whenever you need a hand with systemic plumbing issues, drain clogs, or anything else plumbing-related. Plumbing companies like ours! Give us a call when you need help. 


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